Preparing for an interview is stressful. You need to practise what you will say and do. Making a good first impression is crucial in nailing that interview and getting the job. You have only a few seconds to make that impression. Dressing appropriately increases your chances of getting the job and boosts your confidence. 

Your outfit should correspond with the job you want or the organisations’ culture. Gone are the times when you would rock a power suit, and you are good to go. Companies are shifting to more casual looks. Tailored pants paired with a button-down shirt will look less predictable than a traditional suit. However, some organisations remain conservative in their dress code. To get it right do extensive research on the company’s culture. Here are some ways to impress the interviewer with your dress code. 

Professional Interview Dress Code 

Corporate offices like law firms and finance corporations maintain a strict dress code. Therefore, it is advisable to look professional. For men wear a power suit that is nicely ironed. Creases will send the wrong message about your grooming habits. Accessorise your outfit with a plain or striped tie and a watch. Your shoes need to be professional to complete your outfit nicely. Carry a portfolio or a stylish briefcase. It makes you look organised. 

Women can rock a pantsuit or a pencil skirt and complete the outfit with a blazer. You can also wear a formal dress. Put on closed-toe pumps of comfortable heel size. If you aren’t accustomed to walking around in heels, there are professional flat shoes. Carry your documents in a black tote bag and wear tasteful jewellery. 

The colour of your outfit should be dull, not bright and flashy. Bright colours are distracting. The focus should be on you not your clothes. Navy or dark grey colours are perfect for your suit. A conservative dress code will make you feel relaxed when you are nervous. Research the office vibe to get an idea of what will work. Always go for modern silhouettes and let your outfit portray your confidence. 

Business Casual Attire 

If the organisations’ culture is less formal, then a business casual dress code would be appropriate. A business casual outfit is a combination of a professional and laid back look. You don’t have to wear a suit, but you can’t show up in a sundress or t-shirt and shorts. Have prior knowledge of acceptable attire. For a business casual look, slacks and a button-down shirt works for men. A simple but elegant dress or a skirt and blouse is an excellent choice for women. Even though dark jeans may be acceptable try to avoid it. As a thumb rule, dress more professional than the staff in the company. 

Casual Dress Code 

If you are going to a non-formal job interview wear something casual. However, you need to look neat and presentable. Khaki pants paired with a long-sleeved shirt and dress shoes will do the trick for men. If the organisations’ culture allows you can rock dark jeans. But never wear shorts to an interview no matter how casual the company looks. 

For women, you can never go wrong with a work dress or pencil skirt worn with a cute top. Some careers require you to dress the job title. For example, when you are interviewing for a fashion designer job you need to dress the part. Being formal makes you look less creative and uptight. Therefore, for a creative job interview show your personality but don’t overdress. Add a stylish detail to your outfit to indicate you know what is currently trending. Accessories will make you stand out from the group. Go for stylish shoes and bag. Wear minimal jewellery and keep it modern. 

Job Interview Dress Code During the Summer 

Wearing a sharp suit may not be possible during summer. The heat will make you sweaty and uncomfortable. You need to look professional while remaining sweat-free and fresh. Ditch the suit for lightweight slacks and dress shirt. A dress or skirt will help you stay cool. However, your dress should be decent and of appropriate length. Add light colours to your outfit to give it a summer vibe. 

To stand out in a job interview, you need to get the dress code right. Doing your homework on the organisation will give you a clear picture of what they expect. Keep it simple and elegant. Let your personality shine. However, even with the appropriate attire, you need to be well groomed. Comb your hair, use light make up and avoid perfumes with a strong scent. You are more likely to get the job if you appear professional and organised.

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